Dear Patient/Parent:

Dr. White and his staff would like to thank all of our patients and parents, guardians/caregivers for their understanding as we continue to provide a safe environment for orthodontic treatment while the coronavirus pandemic subsides.

Our office follows the infection prevention and control guidelines and standards of the Royal College of Dental Surgeons of Ontario. These standards give priority to the health and safety of everyone involved.

In an effort to minimize the spread of germs, we follow the directions of the Ontario Minister of Health and Long Term Care together with the provincial dental licencing college (RCDSO) by restricting entrance to the clinic area as much as possible to only patients. All staff are equipped with necessary personal protective equipment (PPE).



Office visits and appointment scheduling are designed to protect patients and staff and reduce the potential spread of the disease:

  • Before leaving for your appointment, make sure that you brush your teeth very thoroughly.
  • Should you wish to use your mobile device, you may log into the free Stone Road Mall WiFi.
  • Usually only patients are allowed into the clinic area unless there are questions, instructions, or information to convey.
  • Young or apprehensive patients may be also be accompanied by a parent or guardian.

The following are some of the steps we have taken to limit potential transmission and make our office as safe as possible:

The obvious first line of defense is to not come to the office if you are sick or actively Covid positive. You will usually find the office door open during regular hours.

Masks are no longer mandatory for the general public, but similar to hospitals and other healthcare facilities, a mask during your office visit is still recommended because of the proximity to other people. Masks are available at the reception desk if you wish.

Ventilation is important to reduce the spread of airborne viruses, including the coronavirus. The office has two large roof-mounted commercial HVAC units equipped with MERV 13 commercial filters and a combined airflow rate of 6800 cubic feet per minute.

There are seven “medical grade” HEPA filter air purifiers placed throughout the office. We also have two dedicated sealed aerosol-controlled rooms.

High volume evacuation (HVE) is performed by a dental assistant concurrent with any aerosol-generating procedure. HVE has been shown to collect up to 98% or more of the aerosols produced.

For each aerosol room, there is also a triple filter HEPA air extractor available with a large diameter flexible pipe. Its inlet can be positioned close to the patient’s face to collect any aerosol that might escape the HVE suction.

Electrostatic sprayer: ( In addition to wiping down all surfaces, chairs, lights, and equipment with disinfectant between patients, we also use an electrostatic sprayer that sprays microscopic charged disinfectant droplets that stick under and around objects, rather than just settling on top.

The office is equipped with three intra-oral iTero 3D scanners to avoid traditional impression taking which can cause gagging/coughing.

We also have 3D printers for printing dental models.

— Dr. Barry White and staff


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